Caring for your Jewelry

  Each piece of Carole Ann jewelry is thoughtfully designed and created for you. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure that your jewelry will stay beautiful.

 Both sterling silver and gold-filled jewelry need an occasional polish from regular wear (perfume, skin oils and skin ph fluctuations) along with natural oxidation.

 To shine up your jewelry, you may use silver polish so long as it is safe for stones. A jewelry cleaner solution that is organic, 100% biodegradable, and safe for all gemstones and pearls would be preferred.

 We highly recommend using "Original" Dawn Dishwashing Liquid & hot water to restore the sparkle to all of your silver andgold-filled jewelry, and it's safe to use on all of your good jewelry as well. With proper care your jewelry will last a lifetime!

  Facts about Metal

 When exposed to air, most metal oxidizes (or gets darker), some more than others.  Certain oxidation can produce a beautiful patina on metal,  but that can also alter the intended design as well. Continued oxidation can also lead to tarnish.

 Some metals that oxidize more slowly include: gold, fine silver, and Argentium.

 The most common metals that can oxidize more rapidly include: sterling silver, copper and bronze.

Here are a few things you can do to help slow down the oxidation or tarnish:

  • Apply all beauty products, such as hair spray, perfume or deodorant, before putting your jewelry on

  • It's best to remove your jewelry prior to swimming, showering, gym, and before doing household chores which involve abrasive chemicals or cleaners.

  • It is suggested to just clean your jewelry with mild soap and water. (Original Dawn dish detergent is best)



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