• Carole Grant

Taking a (Bead) Break

So, I'm taking a short break due to some health issues from silversmithing and metal clay work. It's a short break, so I still needed something to keep me busy that I enjoy doing that is jewelry based,

I have rekindled a medium I did many years ago, but never advanced with. I love bead weaving!

Ah, all these teeny, tiny little beautiful beads. So many colors and hues, it's hard to make a choice to create a piece. Sometimes, the colors just fall together with a pattern, other times you have to do a little playing around a testing combinations.

I have been making swingy, feather earrings using peyote. Some smaller triangle shaped earrings using the brick stitch, which actually I just taught myself. I've been playing around with different designs of bracelets as well.

I will be posting on my website soon. I hope you'll check back and keep an eye out for them.

Happy Memorial Day. God Bless All who have made it possible for us to live and do what we love.

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