FIGHT LIKE A GIRL!!! That is what we do in our journey against Breast Cancer.  We are Sisters, We are Strong, We will Fight together.

A small scale bracelet that sends a big message. For you if you are on this journey, or a loved one you have going through it. 

I myself have this journey, and my love and prayers are thought with every bead I weave to create these bracelets.


10% of proceeds will be donated at the end of October 2020 to Susan B Komen Foundation


This particular bracelet is very small, but can be order sized larger.

  • *  Length is 6 3/4" including the sterling silver magnetic clasp
  • *  Width is 1 inch
  • * Gift wrap is available


To determine your size, measure around the bony part of your wrist and add 3/4". This measurement will offer a comfortable fit. Adjust up or down according to your preference. For example:


A 6-3/4" long bracelet fits a:

  • 5-1/2" wrist loosely
  • 6" wrist comfortably
  • 6.25" wrist snugly


A 7" long bracelet fits a:


  • 6" wrist loosely.
  • 6.25" wrist comfortably.
  • 6.5" wrist snugly


If you have sizing or other questions, contact me @

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